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Rethink on:open source development: women and Asians last « Go East, Young Woman February 18, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in technology.

“Why aren’t there more Asian open source developers?”, people are wondering. From Japan to India to Thailand, Asian programmers just aren’t representin’.

open source development: women and Asians last « Go East, Young Woman

When I read this post, first I have to say thank you to ms. Julie to have  a great mind about how open source should be developed in Asia, especially in South-East Asia.

But the problem is, ms. Julie only compare open source community from Japan, India, and Thailand. ms. Julie doesn’t know how open source grow up in Indonesia. I think it is good for me to explain how open-source community in my own country grow up every year.

In Indonesia, Open Source started his own community since a long time ago(maybe ristek_igos2 after 1998), even we have so many natural disaster every year(I hope you know Tsunami in Aceh, last 2004, and the other disaster still continue). our prestigious product from open source is “Indonesia, Go Open Source(IGOS)”, which are countribution from Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology and many local open source community.

That’s a national develepment. Now im tryin to describe local development like “Kelompok Linux Arek Surabaya(KLAS)“, which are Surabaya’s local Linux Community(Surabaya is the second major city, approx. 900 KM from Jakarta), they provide Linux and Open Source training every week for free, beside that, they create their own workshop to training people who interested more in linux and the other open source product).

And even we have Indonesian portal for open Source, Open Source Indonesia, is the one of it.

Slowly but sure, I think there is a movement to migrate to Open Source. Our Government has seen it’s potential and started to change from propertiery to Open Source. Our e-Government has started in it’s 2 province.

mr. Onno-with "wajan bolic" can antenna Now, our interest is how to provide cheap internet to our society. Our IT Experts, Mr. Onno W. Purbo, has developed Wi-Fi Can Antenna, made VoIP Rakyat, a VoIP system that can make cheap calls, and those system made from Open Source too. You can read some english source from here.

Mr. Onno has tryin to make an information is for free, so anyone can access it. Our country has a big problem because so many of them are live below the poor line. And computer is not cheap for some people. But it doesn’t stop us to create and create innovative products

I think why Open Source movements in my country and in other country not detected is because they write all of their information progress with their own language, so maybe ms. Julie doesn’t know what progress do we have. and maybe in Thailand has many Open Source community who wrote their website in Thai also. so people from Indonesia, doesn’t know anything what happen with your Open Source community.

Well, but at least we have the same problem here, there are not many women become Open Source programmers, you can see it in our universities, which man dominate the technical faculty, while whoman dominate in social faculty. Especially in psychology Happy.

Im sorry that my English is not very good(I need more practice to write in EnglishHappy), I really appreciate your concern to Open Source Community in South East Asia. and I hope from this blog we can discuss this topic more further. And destroy some barrier beside us.

Oh Yeah, by the way, I Think it will be more fun if any other people from their own country(such as Malaysia, Singapore, or maybe other countries also) give their own response to this blog.

Thank You.



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2. uwiuw - July 4, 2008

yes, i think this will help channel indonesian’s developer voice. 🙂

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