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Okay, Im come back again April 22, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in personal.

First I have to say that from this post afterwards, I will trying to write in english. Just because I need to advance my english skill so… yeah, let see…

Finally, back Malaysia again, rush by shift to new apartment, 3 projects from college waiting and so on, I will write new interesting topic soon as possible, just need to wait right time to do it.

Here are some interesting pictures while I went back home in Surabaya. Enjoy 🙂




1. yanti - April 30, 2008

wih wih… terkadang ingin juga mencoba posting in english.. tapi kog yah rasanya minder… 😀

2. Abdurahman - April 30, 2008

ngapain juga minder? salah satu dosen aku, org california aja bilang “No need to shame bout ur english skill, coz english is not ur mother tongue”…


3. HELMY ALSREE - July 2, 2008

where ever u’r,when ever is it, i dont care!
But for sure and honestly am really proud of you.well done abdurrahman!!!
i’ve just open this page today,and i really2 amazing and proud of you.
one more time WELL DONE!!!!!!
terusss no matter what.

don’t forget to drop me mail or msg when ur arrived KL,
with all respect


4. HELMY ALSREE - July 2, 2008

but dammed english is singlish,
for u r who read this don’t u ever follow them to speak singlish.
will be much better if can speak BRITISH ENGLISH.


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