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Next Generation LCD September 15, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in technology.
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Have you ever imagine what is the next LCD monitor look like?

Well, I admit that I have no idea about that. Until today, I just got a forwarded e-mail from my colleague in APIIT give me a ‘sneak-peek’ about the next generation LCD.

Are you interested to know further?


At first I was thought that those e-mail just a hoax, I do a little bit research on web and I found something interesting, which is proofing that those e-mail is not a hoax-well, maybe for now it’s not available on the market-. According to NewsScienceTech that those technology are being developed by US Researchers;Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab(MERL) and University of Toronto altogether are trying to get his lost after Apple released it’s multi touch technology on the iPhone, which is hit the market. Until this post is written, the development of this technology is still in “beta” version. They still have problem named “occlusion problem”, and they also claimed on iPhone multi-touch technology got problem named “fat fingers”. This is make difficulties when they are trying to create transparent keyboard.

The developers of this technology said it works with liquid crystal optical film as opposed to traditional LCD backlight.

Now, it’s a vision. But who knows it will become reality in the future, since Microsoft as one from 3 developers are lost with Apple in software and hardware invention.

This video released by NewsScienceTech telling about developing progress.



1. shierlynikodemus - September 17, 2008

man, ntu cara pake yang tulisan (lagi…) gimana yaks??

2. Bayu Aditya - September 17, 2008

dude, i heard there was a 3D button and the 3D will work when you touch it, it’s from sharp company. but i never see one 😦

3. shierlynikodemus - September 17, 2008

man, ternyata sama yaks ma blog gue? :p
wakakaka… isenk jalan2 dulu ah 🙂

4. masahira - October 19, 2008

i agreed with author. thanksqz

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