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Turning Research into Real World Business: A critic to Indonesian Government September 17, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in Opinion.
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This is the second time Indonesian government have a big failure in research area. Of course research always possible to fail, but this fail is too big since it’s become national issue. Its an ironic the guy who cause the failure is the same guy. We all knows that only donkeys can fall in the hole for twice. What I mean is about Supertoy Rice.

It’s a normal thing if Indonesia wants to solve food problems. You can produce more rice within the same area. But research has a method to follow or your research will be either over budget or totally failed. I’m just a student who trying to give my opinions so this problems will not occur in the future.

1. Do research with tight procedure.

Both in Supertoy and blue energy has a wrong method. Both are not well followed research procedure such as : It must be reviewed with scientist and controlled environment. Because who’s in charge for this research doesn’t have experiences in research area.

2. Create a great business plan, including marketing strategies.

Just because you are sit on top of the government doesn’t meant you dont need to do anything!. Create a well planned business strategy how to turn your business into profitable.

3. Work with professionals

Well, what I saw is no professionals are involved. You can hiring professional to work on the research. I can’t believe that Research and Technology Department are just sitting in their office watching this failure twice.

4. Don’t do corruption.

I think this is clear enough.

Maybe all those opinions are accepted as newbie opinion. But this is the only what I can do for my country. I will happy if there is no similar problems in the future.



1. shierlynikodemus - September 17, 2008

Good article, but a thing to be remembered that this product has not passed the test yet. And coincidently the owner of the company ha a good relation with TOP people in government, that’s why the issue arise. Basically, the pupils have to learn to think before taking some risk. Don’t judge book from the cover

Yes, you’re right, this is cause of no professional are involved and the research doesn’t follow the research procedure.
I heard that some issues that lecture from IPB are already invented this. But it’s not goes to publicity.
They just reinventing the wheel again and again

2. shierlynikodemus - September 17, 2008

I believe that this problem arise due to educational-lack from majority of farmers in Indonesia. So, one BIG homework for Indonesian government is basically to educate the pupils. Otherwise these sort of problems will keep going on…

3. yanti - September 17, 2008

korupsinya yang gak nahan…
apapun di korupsi… bahkan kasus pengadaan tanah makam ajah… tetep di korupsi.. fiuh… otaknya dah bobrok

nah, ntu yang kita cuman jalan di tempat…
resiko negara demokrasi kah? 🙂

4. kurniaa - October 15, 2008

saya dapat link sampeyan dari blognya pak romi
menarik ulasan sampeyan di atas. walau saya tidak mengikuti secara detil 2 isu yang sampeyan angkat, saya sangat setuju dengan opini-opini sampeyan. Harusnya pemerintah berkaca dengan 2 kejadian ini. Jangan sampe jadi kedelai, eh salah, keledai yang melakukan kesalahan berulang-ulang.

Rakyat yang nanggung kalo dah salah rencana kayak gini.

Ya itulah herannya dengan pemerintah kita, kalo urusan birokrasi semuanya pasti lambat dan berantakan. Kenapa mereka susah buat belajar dari kasus-kasus sebelumnya yah?

~salam kenal & thx sudah mampir mas :)~

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