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Office-14, It’s all on the cloud. October 21, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in news, technology.
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“We will rewrite Office to work in a browser”, as Steve Ballmer on Interview with Computer Weekly.

Microsoft is preparing for it’s Professional Developer Conference next week. Some attendees are likely to get a peek at a couple of Windows 7 features.

Office-14, as the software code-named, will be discussed there with Windows 7.


In my previous post in Bahasa Indonesia, I already mentioning that Cloud Computing concept will be the next core-technology to Computer World. Microsoft is going face-to-face with Google to provide software with Cloud Computing. Even though Google has a tiny share compared with Ms. Office, Ballmer admit that some of functionalty in Google Apps is quite good. “Google has done some clever things with its spreadsheet. I recognise that and you can bet we will have those features in the next version of MS Office,” he says.

Microsoft employees also got a peek at Office 14’s versatility during the company’s recent annual employee meeting.

It’s not clear how deep the Office 14 discussion will be at PDC. Only two sessions are currently listed with the Office tag, and neither sounds particularly likely to cover new ground. One is on Office business applications, and the other deals with the software’s Open XML file formats.



Scobleizer’s Blog wrote the same topic with me. They have invested it last few years. And it’s the time to realize it.



1. shierlynikodemus - October 23, 2008

wuah…. pertamax!!!!

ini kapan diloncing man??? kasih tau gue ya, tar gue mo ikutan make ah. tapi aman ga datanya dari hacking menghacking???

2. Abdurahman - October 23, 2008

Wah, belum tau sher, programnya masih belum dibuka ke publik sama sekali. So gak ada kesempatan buat ngetes sih..

mungkin dilaunching antara 2010-2011 deh..

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