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Born out of Garageband.com, iLike is a social music discovery site. Valued at $53.2 million in December of 2006, iLike has been funded by the likes of former MTV CEO Bob Pittman and at the time of the valuation, by Ticketmaster (IAC) which took control of 25% of the company for $13.3 million.

According to iLike, it promotes music democracy by exposing artists that users have not heard of, but may like according to their listening habits. Similar to Last.fm, iLike catalogs what you listen to through iTunes (and now other players) with a downloadable application. What users listen to on itunes shows up in their iLike profile in categories defined by quantity and how recent a song has been played. In addition to displaying your own listening information, iLike tries to match you up with other iLike users who have similar tastes in music.

iLike has links to buy songs or albums from Amazon and iTunes, but also offers free downloads from many independent musicians.

Source : http://www.crunchbase.com/company/ilike



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[…] You can do it in iLike. […]

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