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Transforming your Vista to Mac OSX looks May 3, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in technology.
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Want to buy the new powerbook with Leopard but with limited budget?

Or just wanna OSX-looks-on-your-Vista?

I think I have the solution..Why you not try cool software from vistaosx.net, it’s include almost everything. I already downloaded it and try in my ASUS F9S series, with vista SP1(yeah, the software need Vista SP1 to install), CPU Core2Duo T7300 with 2GB ram. and it’s works almost perfectly, except the system running heavier than before, this is because the software load a lot of modules on startup. but I think it is worth it than you buy a new MacBook to just have a OSX but almost all of your work you’re doing is actually on Windows right?

This software done almost everything. The dock, animations, sounds, branding, theme, and on the site, it’s promised that I will have OSX startup logo, but i didn’t see the Mac startup logo on my laptop. is it a bug? or Microsoft found a new way to protecting their startup logo? I don’t know yet.

Why I say almost everything? it’s because you still have “start menu” on your desktop but it’s replaced with apple logo(Of course, it still Windows :lol:).

Well, if someone interested please surf to http://www.vistaosx.net to find more information but if you want to download directly from rapidshare, here is the link.

and here is my desktop screenshot after installing the packages.

Desktop Screenshot