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Let’s the sun shine August 19, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in personal.

Whoa, this photo is created while I took pictures for orientation in APIIT college, TPM.

Picture of The day 🙂


For more pictures, please visit my flickr page here.


Come home at 3.20am — fyeuhh August 16, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in personal.
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Whoa, it’s been a month since I’m not updating this blog at all. There’s big change in my life, my mother passed away last month, and I need to go back to Indonesia as soon as possible for a week(I really-really hate soekarno-hatta airport, they made me need to stay in jakarta for 16 hours). Back to KL, live goes on. 2 assignments are waiting to be finished in a rush for 2 weeks(normally, this project took a month), exam, and then holiday.

Just after the exam my fellas are asked me to watch movie(FYI, this is my 2nd time watch cinemas in KL). Batman the dark night is good-if you don’t want to say its bad- and then take a deep to do my hobby, photography (some of the pictures you can see it in my flickr page, just click the widget in this blog). Suddenly APIIT asked me to take photographic picture of new student registration. Soon I will updload it to my flickr page. After my clients see it of course

Now, why I choose this blog title come home at 3.20.

There’s Indonesian Independence day celebration in APIIT-TPM, so we made the decoration and everything until 3.20 am. When i published this post, I don’t even sleep yet. But still there’s a lot of work to do. Today, I need to arrange studio for jamming session(to perform in APIIT on 17-18 August, and then friday 22nd August). Take my friend to airport, and then finished the decoration.

By the way, I’m also representing my college to join Independence Ceremony in Indonesian Embassy on 17th August.


So I hope that’s explain why I’m not updating this blog with technology stuff.