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The Blue Energy (Hoax goes to President Office) June 3, 2008

Posted by Abdurahman in Opinion.
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Indonesian President, Mr. Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has raised the petrol price for up to 30% on May 23rd, 2008. This is caused of world oil price is increased up to $137 per barrel.

image In the other place, there is also Indonesian named Joko Suprapto said that he can create petrol from plain water. This guy also make his own exhibition in UN-CC(United Nations-Climate Change) Conference in Bali, and successfully attracted attention from many people including Mr. President. “a winner for Indonesia”, said Mr. President. Maybe he think this is the solution to finish the petrol problem. Then he set his own staff, Mr. Heru Lelono to become the chairman of this invention. Some people said this is magic.

And now the magic faded.

Many Indonesian -real-scientist asking about this technology either it’s true or a hoax. Joko Suprapto who claimed himself found this technology didn’t give a proper answer. He only said this invention is based on Al-Qur’an which said that water is the source of the energy. Well, Mr Joko, im a moslem and i disagree with your way to explain. science need to be scientifically proven. since you are not answering about this technology(How you make it, and is it feasible to develop question) i still believe that you are spreading a hoax. Mr Joko using a patriotic jargon to marketing his technology(which is under question). he said, “This is fuel from Republic of Indonesia”. this is also how Mr. Joko gained it’s popularity and sympathy.

Public said that even Thomas Alfa Edison is underestimated while he invented the lamp. Galileo is also denied by the church when published the fact that the earth is actually globe.

My personal answer is. Both case(Thomas Alfa Edison & Galileo) are totally different. many Indonesian scientist wants to help if there’s technology/invention that can help indonesia’s energy problem. I’m still curious how come this invention(if this is called invention) can up to president desk?

Well Mr. President, I know you are not a scientist. But out theres a lot of scientist that you can ask for help. 🙂